An over two decade old Information Technology and Integrated Security Solution provider to National Defence Agencies and Public Sector Undertakings.


  • Microcontroller based design
  • 9 detection zones for accurate pinpointing of metal
  • Quick installation – minimal training required
  • Auto calibration - Does not require zero adjustment
  • Detects all metals, alloys and ferrites
  • 200 levels of zone wise sensitivity adjustment
  • LED bar graph signal strength indicator
  • LED based composite zone display
  • Access to programming protected by password
  • Intelligent people counter for entry, exit and algebraic sum
  • SMPS power supply for use with 90V to 270V
  • Built in full-function battery backup for over 12 hours
  • Easy to mount and assemble
  • Wireless remote control (Optional)
DVR Camera
DVR Camera
DVR Camera